Bob Scott’s Authentic Indian Jewelry has served numerous collectors in the care of their collections for 40 years. Robert V. Scott conducts honest, fair, ethical and equitable appraisals limited to Native American art and artifacts. Mr. Scott is an expert in Native American Jewelry, Weavings and Art.

He has an in-depth knowledge of the Native American Market and his work is known throughout the Native American community for being fair and accurate. His extensive record speaks for itself: his personal property appraisals have an outstanding acceptance record and have never been challenged.

Bob Scott has long standing relationships with Native American and Anglo artists who specialize in repair preservation of your precious items. Your damaged or broken jewelry or art will get a new life from our experts.

Appraisal Services

Appraisals of your personal property such as Native American Jewelry, Rugs, Art and Artifacts are considerably more than just a declaration of the value. The information from the appraisal must be useful for many purposes, such as insurance, charitable donations and legal purposes. A proper appraisal inclues an array of features to support the values. These features include a physical inspection of each item, a complete detailed description of the item including the item’s history and providence, a detail description of the items’s condition including measurements as to length and or weight, a photograph(s) of the item, and understanding of current market value of that item.

An appraisal provides a professional opinion on care of an item and if insuring the item is needed or not. Having a current and updated personal property appraisal is essential for adjusting insurance coverage on Native American collections. Current appraisals are needed for insurance claims, estate tax, charitable donations, and when selling , or buying Native American Jewelry, Rugs, Art and Artifacts. Appraisals from Bob Scott’s Indian Jewelry will state clearly the type and purpose of the appraisal.

We will set forth the appraisal fee prior to beginning, dependent of several factors of the collection. Fees will be determined based on time per item. It is important to note that IRS policies now disqualify appraisals where the fee is based on a percentage of the appraised value. The need for high quality digital photography is one of the factors which impacts the fee structure. Payment is due prior to delivery of the final, signed appraisal. Lastly, Robert V. Scott will sign and date the appraisal to ensure that it servers as a legal document. So, if you have been putting off getting your collection appraised for insurance or other purposes, please call Robert Scott to set up an appointment.

Jewelry Repair

For numerous reasons the sterling silver and stones of Native American jewelry can become cracked, broken, loose, or missing. Should you have problems with a piece of Native American jewelry, our experts at Bob Scott’s Indian Jewelry can help you. We work with Native American artists who use proper methods and materials to restore jewelry to its original condition and appearance.

Navajo Rug Repair, Cleaning & Restoration

Bob Scott’s Indian Jewelry offers complete conservation, cleaning, and reweaving of traditional textiles. We can safely clean and repair all of your Navajo textiles, rugs or blankets. To discuss the damage and repair of your weaving, please call or email us. Native American weaving may suffer stains, unraveling and even holes. As experts in traditional Native American textiles, we can assess the damage and suggest the best method for preserving your weaving. We offer professional quality cleaning and repair. With repairs of holes and unraveling, our experts will compensate for damage by providing strength to permit continued use. In restoring a damaged weaving, our experts will recreate the weave structure and design using traditional and appropriate Native american methods and materials.

Mounting & Presentation

Do you wish that your private collection had the look and quality of museum presentation? Bob Scott’s Indian Jewelry offers museum standard custom mount making to accent our customer’s artifacts and artworks. Our specialists use non-toxic materials such as plexiglas and other museum specified materials that are not only safe but showcase artwork and incorporate preservation and conservation standards.